The Art of The Serpentine Ring Jacket

The Art of The Serpentine Ring Jacket

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In addition to dinner rings, custom ring jackets are some of our favorite bespoke projects at Serpentine. There are few things more exciting to us than the idea of transforming an existing piece of jewelry into something fresh and new. 

 The first time we created a ring jacket was for a client who wanted to upgrade her engagement ring to celebrate a milestone year in her marriage. We were brainstorming ways to enhance her ring (below) without changing the original design dramatically, which she loved. She mentioned that sometimes she dreamed of a bigger stone but that might be impractical day-to-day. We offered up the idea of adding a transformative “jacket’ around her existing ring, that she could take on and off, rather than change the original design. So, we built our a jacket utilizing identically sized and complimentary baguette diamonds to the original engagement ring. She has the option of wearing the upgraded, larger “statement” ring with a jacket - or keeping it simple for day to day wear with her original ring. She was thrilled with the result and the optionality it gave her.

Our ring jackets require an extra element of engineering, due to their bespoke nature. One of the most intriguing aspects of fine jewelry, and our ring jackets in particular, is adding an engineering component. We are lucky to work with the finest manufacturers and craftsmen in New York City who love to execute sophisticated and functional design features on our jewelry, like the yellow diamond jacket below that snaps around a client's diamond solitaire, both with pavé bands. Our enhancer jackets, custom crafted to fit around an existing ring, often hinge and snap into place securely, so that when the ring and jacket are combined, they truly feel like one, spectacular ring.

One of our favorite jackets is this incredible Art Deco inspired piece for a client who had an heirloom ring from her mother in law, an emerald cut diamond flanked by two identically cut emeralds. Instead of a more traditional, symmetrical design, we built this architectural, checkerboard piece with emeralds and diamonds to compliment her existing ring.

For a client celebrating a ten year anniversary, we built this pastel starburst jacket with a pavé band around a more traditional, three stone engagement ring for a dramatic result, truly one of our favorites!

Our ring jackets are truly both works of art and engineering masterpieces. They offer our clients a unique way to enhance their existing engagement ring without necessarily altering the original design, providing a dramatic upgrade for an evening out or a glamorous daytime jaunt. Contact us today to start your bespoke ring project or discuss your options.