The Serpentine Townhouse: Lele Sadoughi x Serpentine Jewels

The Serpentine Townhouse: Lele Sadoughi x Serpentine Jewels

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Our Serpentine Townhouse in Downtown Greenwich, CT has become not only a specialty shopping destination (we’re available by-appointment), but also a creative hub for our brand. We love hosting educational events, charitable fundraisers, and providing our clients and friends with services (like complimentary cleanings!) plus connecting with like-minded brands and influencers. This month, we opened our doors to our friend Lele Sadoughi for an intimate brunch and panel discussion. Lisa and I shared our advice for styling fashion accessories and fine jewelry, as well as our backgrounds as entrepreneurs in our industries. 

Lisa's whimsical headbands are one of my go-to daily fashion accessories, and Lisa loves her Serpentine emerald cut tennis necklace. It was wonderful to have the chance to style and watch our clients mix their fine jewelry with fashion jewelry and accessories and shop both collections in the Townhouse.

Our panel, moderated by Courtney Davis was a fun trip down memory lane for Lisa and I, who started out businesses in tandem, and have watched on another evolve and grown our brands over the years.

I am so thrilled that everyone enjoyed an inspiring morning of "fashion meets fine jewelry." If you’d like to attend our next event, just join our email list by scrolling down and entering you email at the bottom lefthand side of the page - we’d love to see you soon! Not local to Fairfield County? Find us on Instagram so you can follow along.