A Lesson in Side Stones

A Lesson in Side Stones

Few designs are more timeless than a three-stone ring—one of our most popular settings. Typically crafted with a larger center stone flanked by two smaller stones, these rings are also referred to as “trilogy rings” for their romantic symbolism. Each stone is said to represent the past, present, and future of a relationship, making this setting an admirable choice for engagements and anniversaries. While there are a variety of factors that make-up a three-stone ring, such as setting, metal type and proportion, it’s the smaller side stones that have the biggest impact on overall look. Some prefer side stones to be as minimal as the band on the ring, while others prefer chunky side stones to add significant finger coverage without increasing the size of the center stone. We carefully consider the side stones for each custom ring we make, so that they pair perfectly with the center stone to achieve our client’s desired look. The most important consideration to start with is the shape of the side stones. Below, we outline our favorite options.


Sleek and modern in appearance, elongated baguettes (whether tapered or non-tapered) are a popular choice for three-stone rings because of their potential to minimize the amount of metal seen on the finger.


A contemporary choice, bullet diamonds are geometric with sharp edges that create a sophisticated, streamlined effect. Like baguettes, bullet diamonds can be tapered or non-tapered.


The unique teardrop silhouette of pear side stones creates a flattering, slimming effect on the finger. Not only does this elegant shape add a sense of romantic femininity to the overall ring design, but the pointed end also seamlessly blends into the curvature of the band for a sleek look.


The pear’s more angular sister, kite shaped side stones are unconventional in appearance and add a dynamic, visually striking element to a design. With a pointed, elongated shape, kites are an edgy, modern take on a streamlined aesthetic.


Geometric in shape with a flattering and elongating effect created by sharp angles, trapezoid side stones are the perfect way to create a more diamond-intensive look across the finger.


With a name that is eponymous with their crescent shape, half-moon side stones have rounded outer edges that add a graceful, feminine touch to a ring design.


A Serpentine favorite, epaulettes are the ultimate choice for side stones. Blending thesharpness of trapezoids with the shape of half-moons, epaulettes give an otherwise traditional look an ultra-modern, angular edge.


A popular choice due to their sparkle and brilliance, round side stones flatter virtually all other diamond shapes for a timeless, classic look.


Just as their name suggests, echo side stones mirror the shape of the center stone for a balanced, harmonious look. Typically, this refers to all three stones having the same cut and shape but of different proportions. For example, a center emerald-cut stone would be flanked by emerald side stones for a cohesive aesthetic.

Once the ideal side stone shape is selected, we then determine ideal proportions and measurements. Because every fraction of a millimeter counts, we prefer to custom cut these stones to exacting standards. Unless we are using colored gemstones like emeralds or sapphires, it is crucial that the side stones match the color of the center stone for a cohesive aesthetic. We look forward to discussing three-stone rings with you and invite you to reach out via email or book an appointment with any questions, considerations or curiosities about next steps.