The Tennis Bracelet

The Tennis Bracelet

In the ever-evolving world of jewelry, one piece remains eternally chic and unquestionably timeless: the tennis bracelet. An instant way to elevate any outfit, a tennis bracelet transcends trends making it a favorite for all jewelry collectors, whether your style is classic, modern, edgy or entirely its own.  

What sets our pieces apart at Serpentine Jewels is the fact that they are completely bespoke and customizable. We love partnering with our clients to select a design from our signature assortment, modifying and tweaking a bracelet to their desired specifications, or beginning completely from scratch for a unique look all one’s own. A Serpentine tennis bracelet can truly be as multifaceted as the woman who wears it. 


When selecting the perfect Serpentine tennis bracelet, there are several factors to consider to ensure you’re making the best investment for your budget. Below are the top things to consider:

STONE TYPE & QUALITY: A tennis bracelet needs to hold its own both worn alone or layered with other pieces. Therefore, the stones should be relatively high in cut, color and clarity grade. If you’ve chosen a variety of gemstones, it is important to see them in the layout of the bracelet.

METAL TYPE: When selecting a metal type for your tennis bracelet, it is important to consider not only what looks best with your skin tone but also what pairs well with the rest of the pieces in your collection. At Serpentine, we work with platinum and 18k yellow, white and rose gold.

SETTING STYLE: Different settings create different looks. A classic prong setting allows for maximum light exposure, which allows for a more radiant look. Bezel and channel settings on the other hand, offer a more streamlined, modern aesthetic.

LENGTH & FIT:  A tennis bracelet should fit comfortably on the wrist. If choosing between a length that is slightly too big or slightly too tight we always suggest the looser fit—especially for daily wear. At Serpentine Jewels, our tennis bracelets are crafted to your unique wrist size.

CLASP MECHANISM: Because some clients opt to wear their tennis bracelet daily, we constantly stress the importance of a secure clasp to avoid accidental loss. Some clients even opt to include a safety chain for extra protection.

BUDGET: An important factor to consider when purchasing a tennis bracelet is budget. At Serpentine, we make it easy to find a piece that is in line with your preferences and level of investment, while also bearing in mind a tennis bracelet can be passed on for generations to come.  


At Serpentine Jewels, there’s nothing we love more than a modern classic and crafting jewelry that speaks to you. By putting our own twist on timeless designs like the tennis bracelet, it becomes a unique piece for today, tomorrow and generations to come. Our favorite way to create a design that stands out is by incorporating color. Whether you prefer an ombré gradient, a favorite color palette, a single birthstone or a 50/50 split between diamonds and gemstones, we love creating one-of-a-kind pieces that are tailored perfectly to woman who wears them.

Another favorite way to create a design that stands out is through stone cut and shape. While the classic version of a tennis bracelet involves round brilliant diamonds set in platinum, we urge our clients to explore unexpected cuts like heart or oval-shaped diamonds. 
Another interesting way to put a unique spin on the tennis bracelet is through unexpected setting styles, like an east-west orientation. If you’re in the market for a tennis bracelet for the holiday 2023 season, we invite you to reach out today to meet your gifting deadline.

The beauty of the tennis bracelet lies in its versatility. Whether you’re hoping to mark a significant life event like a birthday, anniversary or momentous achievement, or simply want to elevate your everyday look, a tennis bracelet is a Serpentine staple now and forever. Whenever you’re ready, we’d love to help you find, design or create the tennis bracelet of your dreams.