A Guide to Our Eternity Band Collection

A Guide to Our Eternity Band Collection

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An eternity band from Serpentine Jewels is the ultimate celebration of love and commitment, making it a meaningful choice for engagements, weddings, or anniversaries. In true Serpentine style, an eternity ring can be a self-purchase, or be given to you, from you for any reason—big or small. Whether you’re celebrating a commitment to yourself, someone else or want to mark a milestone, an eternity ring is the ultimate reminder of your most brilliant moments. Wrapping around the finger in a line of continuous diamonds, our eternity rings are eternally versatile. Wear them alone, paired with an engagement ring or stacked with other band rings for a personalized take on the look. 


Eternity bands like have a centuries-long history that is deeply rooted in the enduring symbolism of love. Originating in ancient times, this concept of an unbroken, eternal circle was cherished by cultures like the Egyptians and Romans who exchanged rings with no beginning or end to represent their love and commitment. The tradition gained traction in 15th century Europe, where “posey rings” with heartfelt inscriptions flourished. The Renaissance era sparked a shift in which gemstones were added to these continuous bands, favored by the aristocracy and nobility of the time. We have Queen Victoria to thank for the rise and standardization of diamond and gemstone engagement rings which extended to all jewelry, including the eternity band. Most recently, the 20th century marked the emergence of the modern diamond band ring, cementing its popularity by the 1960s and solidifying its place in the world of modern jewelry as the symbol of love we know today.


Below are the many factors that determine the look of a Serpentine eternity ring. A completely bespoke process, we partner with you to create a ring that reflects your unique style and situation. As sentimental as they are valuable, creating a Serpentine eternity ring takes time and should resonate with both you and your partner if intended for a special occasion.

METAL: Eternity rings can be made in platinum or 18k white, yellow and rose gold. For a cohesive look, we suggest not only choosing a metal that reflects your personal style but also pairs well with your existing jewelry

STONE: Classic eternity bands typically feature diamonds, but they can also be crafted with gemstones like sapphires, emeralds and rubies, among others.

SETTING: The two most common styles for eternity stone settings are prong and channel. Prong settings hold each stone individually with small metal prongs, while channel settings feature stones tightly set side by side within a metal channel. For a look that highlights the stone shape, we suggest a prong setting and for a sleeker, more streamlined look, we suggest a channel setting. At Serpentine Jewels, we also love a bezel setting, or a half-bezel (above). This is a secure way to hold and frame each stone.

SIZE: For eternity rings especially, we suggest having your size taken by a professional at the Serpentine Townhouse before purchasing. Because of the eternal nature of these bands, it is challenging to re-size a continuous line of stones.

QUALITY: It is important to factor in the cut, color, clarity and carat weight of your gemstones and diamonds. Knowing the 4Cs is as important for single stone rings as it is for all diamond jewelry and will greatly affect the overall appearance of your eternity ring.

COMFORT: Eternity rings have stones all around the band which means they can feel slightly bulkier than traditional rings. It is important to try on different styles to find the one that feels comfortable on your hand.

BUDGET: Determine a budget before you begin the process, as these continuous settings can vary significantly in price based on the quality and size of the gemstones or diamonds.


While eternity bands may be found elsewhere, a Serpentine Jewels eternity band is unlike any other. Innovation, personalization, and unparalleled brilliance unite in a bespoke piece that reflects your unique style and significance. 

At Serpentine, we enjoy breaking the rules. We suggest mixing metals, stacking with other rings, and using large or colored gemstones to create a striking statement piece you won’t find anywhere else. Our clients embrace the uniqueness of mixed gemstones, east-west settings and non-traditional cuts like pears or hearts.

Many Serpentine clients choose to wear their eternity rings as an alternative to a classic wedding band, in lieu of their engagement rings, or on their index or middle fingers for a modern style statement. True to their symbolism of eternal love, our eternity rings are also the perfect piece to engrave with a private message, making your piece a modern heirloom you’ll wear and treasure infinitely.