The Serpentine Guide to Greenwich, CT

The Serpentine Guide to Greenwich, CT

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Many of our clients who pay a visit to The Serpentine Townhouse, our atelier located in downtown Greenwich, CT ask me for local recommendations in the area for spending an afternoon here. We love working out of Greenwich and always have plenty to share as far as our favorites are concerned, and especially love the businesses local to Greenwich that you can’t find anywhere else. Our Townhouse is a quick walk up from the train station, so if you are coming up from the city by train, there’s no need for a car. You can stroll directly up Mason Street and arrive at our atelier within ten to fifteen minutes (and if you drive, there is always parking for our clients behind our building). On the way up from the train station, you will find our favorite French bakery, Raphael’s. With their signature orange coffee cups (served with one of their highly addictive chouquettes), outdoor bistro seating, traditional french pastries, baguettes, gourmet sandwiches and proximity to our atelier, the Serpentine team has a hard time staying away!

After a visit to the Townhouse, we suggest a stroll down Greenwich Avenue, home to many luxury brands. Pop into Saks Fifth Avenue and Richards's for an excellent curation of designer clothing and shoes.

In the warmer months, nearly every Greenwich Avenue eatery boasts al fresco dining, including our favorites - all open for lunch and dinner. The Cottage (delicious farm-to-table dishes), Hinoki (my go-to for Sushi), Terra (fabulous for a light Mediterranean lunch or Italian style dinner) and the new Jean-Georges eatery Happy Monkey (wonderful for a happy hour cocktail at the bar, if you can’t score a hard-to-get dinner reservation) are my go-to spots.

Greenwich is also home to some great art galleries and furniture/lighting companies. The Serpentine Townhouse is outfitted with a selection of hand-curated furniture and artwork by maximalist interior designer Gilles Clement. His design firm is headquartered on Putnam Avenue, just up the street from our Townhouse where  shop from his impeccably curated collection of furniture and artwork. There are a few other excellent local art galleries as you stroll from the top of Greenwich Avenue to the bottom - Hayes Gallery at the bottom of the Avenue is a personal favorite. 

On your way back to the train station, grab a coffee at the Aux Delices cafe at the Bruce Museum, which recently underwent an overhaul and major expansion. Its art and sciences exhibitions are not to be missed, especially their killer mineral gallery, which includes a plethora of exceptional crystals and specimens. I could spend hours there!

Even as residents, we tend to forget how stunning the Greenwich waterfront is. Enjoy the view while having a pre or post-dinner cocktail at L’Escale (also part of the Delmar Hotel if you are making a weekend out of it), before you hop on a train back to the city.

Greenwich is a very special place and I love working here and being part of its community. Outside of New York City, I can’t imagine a town with more impeccable local offerings.


Gilles Clement


Saks Fifth Avenue (the separate shoe store especially!)

La Ligne

Hayes Gallery

Trovare Home






Le Penguin

Happy Monkey

The Cottage

Aux Delices





The Bruce Museum

Greenwich Polo Club

Tod's Point (grab food for a picnic from the beloved Mike’s Organic)


Maison D’Alexandre 


Hush Wellness Center